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John Doe,
a 400-year history





The adventures
Doe Agents

Welcome to the world of John Doe

Contrary to popular belief, the story of the John Doe spy ring is much older than it seems. Its origins date back almost 400 years, to a time when pirates and privateers battled it out on the seas. Over the centuries, tiny groups of people have come and gone, sometimes heroes, sometimes bandits, before arriving at the organization you know today.

Relive the adventures of those who became part of THE great John Doe story

From whimsical adventures to urban legends, horror stories and love affairs, we’ve decided to declassify some of our secrets that have sometimes fallen into oblivion.

A team of secret agents from John Doe’s history department will take you deep into the agency’s archives.
They investigate and delve into our past, shedding light on those who forged our identity.

Every month, discover a new report from the John Doe team of historians.


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