The best immersive experience


The best immersive experience

John Doe is the leading Escape Game group in France, with 5 branches in Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon and Strasbourg.

It was after a trip to the United States that three friends decided in 2015 to import an activity discovered across the Atlantic. At the time, they were among the pioneers of Escape Games in France, founding John Doe in Lille. Misleadingly described as a geek activity, the founders’ aim is to create entertainment accessible to all. That’s why they naturally chose the theme of Secret Agents.

Buoyed by its rapid success, the network is expanding throughout France until 2019 with the opening of 4 further branches, with the ambition of opening one every year!
An ever-expanding network of secret agents throughout France!

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A strong universe, the Secret Agents

Four Missions

With the John Doe spy agency, players become real Secret Agents on missions all over the world. From Las Vegas to the heart of Tibet, from Texas to the Prague region, the headquarters offers a truly immersive adventure anywhere on the planet.

Indeed, the agency has been infiltrated and the identities of our agents in the field have been compromised. So we’re calling on anonymous people to follow in their footsteps. They’ll have to infiltrate their last known positions, find out what’s happened to them and then escape to bring us back this valuable information.

Watch out, though, as members of Eclipse, a malevolent organization and lifelong enemy, will do everything they can to get in your way!


A crazy project? It's for us

Events, the key to our success

Since its creation, John Doe has never ceased to take part in large-scale projects with partners from all horizons. In 2016 and 2020, it was on a moving TGV between Paris and Lille, then Paris and Barcelona, that our company had the chance to run a real Escape Game. Whether it’s in a soccer stadium in Lille, on a military ship in Nantes, during Série Mania, the international series festival, since 2017 during Heritage Days, on a barge, in castles, our team has no shortage of creativity to bring the passion for gaming to life and share it in all kinds of unusual places.

Whether the initiative comes from John Doe or one of our partners, we’re always ready to give our players a great adventure, no matter how crazy or difficult the project!

100,000 agents on assignment by 2021

Number 1 in Team Building

The specialist in corporate team building

John Doe is recognized in France as one of the only leisure brands able to offer a tailor-made service and quality adapted to companies. For an event on our premises or those of our customers, we can provide a turnkey solution, all based, of course, around the Escape Game.

In teams of 2 to 6 people, set off on an adventure in one of our agency missions. If you wish, you can privatize our meeting room or the entire agency and call on our catering service. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll find the ideal solution for a great time with your colleagues.

Unite your teams during an intense Escape Game session on your premises or at a location of your choice. Test your cohesion with a mission specially designed to fit your environment.

John Doe novelties

Innovation at the heart of our business

Since the confinement of 2020, John Doe Escape Game has adapted to a new environment and new customer expectations. That’s why our company has developed new product ranges, and was the first to launch Escape Games that can be played both indoors and outdoors.

With our Unusual Visits, players set off on an epic stroll through the streets of the city to learn about the outdoor Escape Game while discovering its secret and unusual heritage!


With family or friends, take part in a real police investigation at home, with the added bonus of a visio option to keep in touch with a real liaison officer who will help you on your mission.

“We help Mr. and Mrs. Everyone to escape their daily lives and share a good time.By becoming a secret agent through an immersive, playful experience that reinterprets the codes of the espionage imagination”.


Opening of John Doe in Lille.


High-Speed Mission
(SNCF partnership)


John Doe opens in Nantes and Bordeaux


Heritage Day in Bordeaux

Lille Stadium Mission


Opening of John Doe Lyon and Strasbourg

Kidnaping at very high speed (SNCF/RENFE partnership)



Heritage Days
France: 6k players


Heritage Days
(14k players)


1st Mission Anatole Latuile
in partnership with Bayard Jeunesse


Opening at UCPA Bordeaux

Heritage Days
(20k people)

Pierre Croce, that Agent John Doe Escape Game

Escape Game - Video Mine

Escape Game number 1

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John Doe Escape Game press review

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The Adventures of John Doe Agents

Want to know more about the world of John Doe?

John Doe is also a series of adventures by secret agents, some talented, some less so. It’s up to you to discover them.