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  • Culture Pass payment available
  • Vacation vouchers and cadhoc: visit your branch to use them
  • Culture Pass payment available
  • Vacation vouchers and cadhoc: visit your branch to use them
Operation Full Moon

The must-see Escape Game in Lille



Fasten your seatbelt and set off on a 60-minute secret mission. You enter the headquarters of the world’s most famous spy agency: John Doe. We’re calling on anonymous people like you to find our missing agents and save the world.
Ideally located next to Lille Flandres station, our Escape Game missions offer total immersion and an unforgettable experience for families, friends or colleagues. Excavation, manipulation, puzzles, games, riddles and thrills will all be on offer!


With your team, embark on one of our 4 missions to the 4 corners of the globe. In Las Vegas, in the VIP lounge of a gambling den, in Northern France in an abandoned mine, in the Czech Republic in the prison of horror, or in Tibet in a temple of many secrets, you travel through rooms with breathtaking and mysterious settings. Watch out, though: the Machiavellian Eclipse organization is after you, and could well get in your way!

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Black Rock Mine
Blue Castle Prison
Las Vegas Magnifico
The Temple of Infinity
Murder Party: Operation Full Moon
Choose your assignment in Lille

Become a Secret Agent and go on a mission!

Escape Game Black Rock Mine
image 60 min 60 min
image 2 to 6 players 2 to 6 players
image Easy Easy

In this scenario, you follow in the footsteps of Daboville, a John Doe agent who disappeared in an old abandoned mine in northern France. In teams of 2 to 6 agents, lead the investigation, find out what happened and deactivate the bomb before it explodes.

Discover one ofLille’s most famous Escape Game missions.

Mission: find Daboville
Escape Game theme : the Mine.

Reserve this Mission Discover the Black Rock Mine
Price per person depending on number of participants
6 agents
Total - €120
5 agents
Total - €110
4 agents
Total - €96
3 agents
Total - €84
2 agents
Total - €76
Étudiants : tarif à partir de 15€ TTC

Escape Game number 1

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John Doe Recruits: become a real secret agent

new agents

We are recruiting Game Masters on permanent contracts in Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon and Strasbourg.
Join us.

  • A young, dynamic team
  • A cool, relaxed atmosphere
  • Fun at work
  • You have the soul of a secret agent

Write to us at [email protected]


Take to the streets of Lille!

As a team, investigate the streets of Lille! Smartphone in hand, take part in the first outdoor Escape Game that lets you discover the city in a whole new way.

The Eclipse Agency is up to no good – it’s up to you to stop them!
Follow the directions of your liaison officer, and with the help of the GPS, follow a route that will take you to the emblematic sites of the capital of Flanders. Solve the riddles and challenges you find, and above all have fun!

A game to share with family and friends aged 8 and over.

From €29.90/group.

4.7 basé sur 3732 joueurs ayant déjà testé nos missions

Go on a secret mission in Lille

The best immersive experience

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Guaranteed emotions and immersive settings

John Doe takes immersion to the extreme, with settings worthy of the greatest Hollywood films. To create the backdrops for our rooms, our team collects real elements linked to the theme of the scenario. What’s more, our Game Masters play a real acting role to make your experience even more engaging.

Spy icon
60 minutes of Secret Agent life

With John Doe, you’re immersed for 1.5 hours in a mission that lasts around 60 minutes. Original puzzle mechanics. It’s up to you to solve them using your brainpower and logic. Your sense of observation is put to the test, as you search the rooms for the right clues.

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4 themes, 4 missions

We offer 4 missions, each with its own theme: Mine, Temple, Prison and Las Vegas. The puzzle and game mechanics are designed to integrate perfectly with the scenery, but above all with the storyline, to make the experience as immersive as possible. Our aim is to give you a real-life spy experience.


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Demonstrate team spirit

To succeed, you also need to be a team player and work together. Alone, you won’t succeed, but working together, you might just have a chance. It’s up to you to test the ties that bind you to your friends and family. Discover an excellent way to reveal everyone’s listening and communication skills.

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For groups
2 to 6 players

You can play in groups of 2 to 6 players in one room. For Team Building events, up to 70 people can be accommodated simultaneously in the agency.
You can also play on the same rooms simultaneously, ideal for teams who want to challenge each other: contact us to find out more.

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For all levels of difficulty

Different levels of difficulty are available: children, adult beginners, intermediate, expert. Our rooms welcome players of all levels. For novice players, we recommend Black Rock Mine, while for experts, we recommend Las Vegas Magnifico. Finally, for an intermediate level, the Temple or Prison themes are perfect.

Your Escape Game in Lille

John Doe Escape Game

John Doe is Lille’s Escape Game pioneer. Known as a must-do leisure activity, the Escape Game network’s historic branch has been offering players the chance to go on a secret agent mission since 2015. More than just a mission, John Doe is a truly immersive adventure that requires logic, reflection, teamwork, observation and research.

Use your logic and be a team player

As part of your mission, you’ll work as part of a team to research, reflect and excavate. The clues and puzzles are a clever blend of originality and unique technicality that will appeal to all players, even experienced Escape Game escapers.

Our other Escape Game games and missions in Lille

In addition to indoor missions, John Doe Lille offers players the chance to become secret agents at home with our home Escape Games. For agents with a taste for the great outdoors, they can go on an outdoor mission in the streets of Lille, taking advantage of our Escape Game oudoor. An activity that can be played entirely independently. Difficulty: adult beginners/children. Theme: secret agents. Immersion time: approx. 2 hours.

John Doe Lille branch

Our agents welcome players every day at John Doe Escape Game Lille, from 9:00 am to midnight.

John Doe Escape Game Lille offers 4 missions for 6 game rooms and can accommodate up to 36 players simultaneously.

Teams are made up of 2 to 6 players per room.

Booking and payment

You can book your assignment on site at the Lille agency, by telephone on or on our website.

You can book your Escape Game session with a culture pass, cash, cadhoc voucher, vacation voucher, credit card or gift card.

John Doe Escape Game Lille – 6-8 Rue des Jardins, 59800 Lille