Questions about Escape Game

  • Culture Pass payment available
  • Vacation vouchers and cadhoc: visit your branch to use them


Can I book by phone or on site?

All reservations can be made via our website.
You can call the agency or try our opening hours to make a reservation.
We need payment or a deposit in order to block the game slot.

We accept payment by credit card, Paypal, cash, Pass Culture and paper vacation vouchers.

My gift card's expiration date has passed. What can I do?

A Gift Card is valid for one year from the date of purchase. After this period, the card is no longer valid. The cardholder may extend the validity of the gift card for a flat-rate reduction of €10/month. (A started month is considered a full month).
Example: a card purchased on January 1 is valid until January 1 of the following year. The extension request is made on February 15 n+1 for a further 1 month. The card has been extended until March 15, with a €30 reduction in value.

Can I add or remove a person?

Of course, you can add/remove as many people as you like, up to a limit of 6 per room. You’ll pay the difference on the spot if you add more people, and if there are fewer of you, you’ll receive a credit for the difference by email in the form of a promo code.

Where's the photo I took when I was here?

All photos from the previous week are posted early Wednesday evening on the John Doe Facebook page of the city in which you did your mission.
So there’s a good chance that your photo will be in the album corresponding to the week you came.
If it’s not there, please contact us and we’ll try to find it as soon as possible.


How do I choose my mission?

Mission preferences depend on individual tastes and desires.
The scenarios are designed to suit everyone, and differences in skill levels are regulated by your Liaison Agents, who will help you to a greater or lesser extent depending on the difficulties you encounter.
Each of our missions appeals for different reasons. Here’s some more information on each scenario.

– La Mine de Black Rock: if you’ve never done an Escape Game before, this room is perfect for you! It takes the classic codes and adds a little John Doe touch. Perfect for families, novices, EVGs/EVJFs, and Team Building.

– Blue Castle Prison: this mission breaks with classic Escape Game codes (though I can’t tell you why). It’s perfect for players who’ve already done an Escape Game and love a challenge! Warning: this mission can be frightening and is not recommended for children under 12.

– Casino Magnifico: if you’re a fan of the casino atmosphere, and enjoy in-depth scenarios, every detail of this mission can make all the difference. But that doesn’t mean the uninitiated won’t have a great time, and be carried away by the twists and turns this room has to offer!

– The Temple of Infinity: this room is for adventurers! The puzzles aren’t easy, the scenery is breathtaking and the pace is fast. In this room, you’ll experience a mix of several adventure films in a single mission!

And if you have any doubts or questions, you can always contact us using the form below.

How much time should I allow?

– Arrive 5 to 10 minutes before mission time: welcome, briefing
– Secret mission: 60 minutes maximum
– Debriefing and photo: 15 minutes
Total time: 90 minutes (that’s 1.5 hours!)

Should I arrive early?

You must arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the time of your reservation.
Please note that if you arrive late, your playing time will be reduced.

Are missions scary?

No, but if you have a heart condition, are claustrophobic or prone to discomfort, please inform the mission agents.

Prison can be frightening, especially for younger children, and is therefore not recommended for those under 12.
The Magnifico deals with the trafficking of an illicit substance.

In any case, let your Liaison Agent know on the spot how much fear you want him to bring to your game! He’ll take care of managing your game.

What should I wear?

Come as you are. You can dress according to your mission to ensure discreet infiltration.


There are 7 or more of us, so what can we do?

Our rooms can accommodate a maximum of 6 participants (no exceptions will be made).
So if there are between 7 and 12 of you, you’ll need to reserve two rooms. From 13 to 18, three rooms, etc.

Rates are calculated per room, not per total number of players in the group.
So, for 7 people, you need a room for 4 and one for 3, and so on.

If two groups are on the same mission, we can provide walkie-talkies to communicate between the rooms.

I'm organizing a bachelor party

Find discounts for Bachelorette parties (EVJF) and Bachelor parties (EVG) here: EVG and EVJF

You can come in disguise, and we can hide an object in the room if you like.

Under what conditions does the student rate apply?

The student rate applies not only to students, but also to high-school students on presentation of proof (student card, high-school card, correspondence book) on the day of your visit.
If one member of the group is a student, we apply the full group rate, even if not all members are students.

Can I pay by vacation voucher or other means?

The only means of payment accepted are :

– Credit card on our website
– Paypal on our website
– Culture Pass on our website for shared payments
– Credit card, cash, vacation vouchers*, Pass Culture if you pick up your reservation on site

* for payment by vacation voucher, no change will be given and no refunds will be made.
We do not accept sports cheques or other means of payment.

How does shared payment work?

When you place your order, if your booking is more than 4 days away, you can opt for shared payment.
Select this option and go to the sharing page.

You will then have to pay your share (or +) and share the link with your friends. They will then have 48 hours to reach the minimum reservation blocking amount.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any difficulties with this feature.

ATTENTION: If you do not reach the limit within the allotted time, you will receive credit notes for amounts already paid. These will not be reimbursed in any way!


I'm pregnant. Can I come and play?

Yes ! The game requires no physical strength.

Is the game accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Our aim is to offer games that are accessible to everyone!
Here is the list of rooms available for people with reduced mobility (PRM), by city:

– Lille: The Black Rock Mine
– Nantes : Le Magnifico
– Bordeaux: Le Magnifico
– Lyon: Le Magnifico
– Strasbourg: The nature of this establishment unfortunately makes it inaccessible to PRMs.

How do I get there?

All our branches are located in the city center, so none of them has a private parking lot.
You can get there by public transport or any other means and find your secret agency!
Public parking lots are available nearby.

Where can I park?

Parking spaces are available in the surrounding streets or in the parking lots around the branches.

How old do you have to be to play?

Children under 10 are not recommended for all missions in La Mine, Temple and Casino. It’s all about understanding the game. However, we do not prohibit their presence in the rooms, i.e. they count as a classic player. Blue Castle Prison is not recommended for children under 12, as it can be frightening. Finally, the Mission Anatole Latuile in Nantes is accessible from age 6.

Also, in the presence of teenagers under 16, the presence of an adult in the room is required.