Activate your Golden Ticket


Activate your Golden Ticket

Congratulations Agents! If you’re reading this, you’re the proud owner of a Golden Ticket John Doe Escape Game! With this key, you can play all John Doe missions in France for free, unlimited and for life!

Before using it, you need to activate your Golden Ticket. To do so, send the code, your full name and e-mail address to [email protected]. An agent will get back to you to explain how to use this famous code!

To change the trace image to a magnifying glass image, click on section, then on cogwheel, then on the "Advanced" tab, then change the css class to magnifying glass instead of trace.


Your Escape Game in France

John Doe is one of the pioneers of the Escape Game in France, and offers an experience that challenges your logic, your thinking, your team spirit and your sense of observation.

4 Escape Game missions

Off to the United States! You’re on the trail of an illicit substance smuggling operation with Las Vegas Magnifico. Be careful not to lose your head in this playroom of temptation! Does Texas sound more attractive? Rendezvous at the Black Rock mine, where one of our agents has disappeared and a bomb is threatening to explode. Infiltrate the premises and defuse the bomb in less than 60 minutes!

For a complete change of scenery, set off to the heart of the Himalayan mountains to investigate a mysterious energy source that threatens the planet. And if you prefer a thrill, you can always find one of our missing agents in the terrifying Blue Castle prison. Make sure you don’t get caught by the guard, who won’t do you any favors…

How an Escape Game works

Your adventure at John Doe Escape Game lasts about 1h30. When you arrive at HQ with your group of players, an agent will brief you on your mission. Then it’s off to the Escape Game room of your choice for 60 minutes. At the end of your adventure, your Game Master will debrief you on your mission.

Booking and payment

You can book your Escape Game session with a culture pass, cash, cadhoc voucher, vacation voucher, credit card or gift card.

Practical information:

John Doe has 5 HQs in France: Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon and Strasbourg.

Book your Escape Game session at your local branch, by phone or on our website.

To organize a Team Building activity with your company, please contact our professional service by phone 07 87 25 75 84 or by email [email protected]