John Doe / Escape Game Lyon

Heritage Day,
mission 2023 in Lyon


Your Escape Game in the streets of Lyon

Once again this year, John Doe challenges you to a Heritage Day adventure in the heart of Lyon. An outdoor Escape Game specially designed for secret agents, during which you won’t be bored.

With family or friends, investigate to discover Professor Pandolin’s mysterious treasure. Disappearance, investigation and surprise are the order of the day on this highly unusual mission.

The game is free and open to all.

When? September 16 and 17, 2023
Where? Place des Célestins
How? Registration recommended

Please remember to bring a working pen.

Rediscover Lyon in an original way

The scenario for your adventure in Lyon

Professor Pandolin, an eminent historian from Lyon, disappeared just as he was about to unravel the mysteries of an old safe he had been working on for many years. We’re sure that the contents of the box have something to do with his disappearance. But nothing to date has been able to penetrate the armor or the ingenious mechanism of this curious box.

It’s up to you to finish the professor’s work and open it once and for all. With notes in hand, you’ll need to explore the city and its history to complete your mission. Your investigation will take you through the ages and call on your logic. Can you get inside Professor Pandolin’s head and decipher his riddles in under 60 minutes?

Take to the streets of Lyon

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