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Become a secret agent from the comfort of your living room!

Discover Escape Game at home. Are you looking for an original activity for a birthday, party, aperitif or games afternoon? For any occasion, our headquarters can transform your home into a real Escape Room.

With John Doe, you and your friends or kids can set off on secret missions right from your living room. Are you ready to take on the bad guys with Braquage? Or put an end to the biggest hack in history with Piratage?

How does it work?

① Choose your home Escape Game
② Choose your game option
③ Download your kit or receive it directly at home
④ Investigate and have fun

For each Escape Game to be played at home, we offer you the assistance of a Liaison Agent who will animate your game, (maybe) send you clues and give you secret agent challenges!


Play at home with our home Escape Games

Become a Secret Agent
at !
Escape Game Robbery
image 60-90 min 60-90 min
image 2-10 players 2-10 players
image Easy Easy

One of our branches was robbed this morning! Listen to witness statements, study suspects’ alibis, carefully analyze evidence, cross-check to find the loot.

With the VISIO option: play with friends and family anywhere in the world, and as a bonus, complete the challenges set by the game master!

Book this mission Discover Braquage
Escape game to print
Download the mission
12.90€ by mail

Printable version. Download your game directly from home. Then it's up to you to prepare and run the event.

Escape game by mail
Home delivery
24.90 by post

Materialized version.
We'll send you a kit containing everything you need to play!

Video Escape Game
By video with a liaison officer
49.90€ per mission

For even more fun: play with your friends and family, accompanied by a Liaison Agent who will guide you and animate your mission over video!

Discover home Escape Games by John Doe

Our home missions

The Escape Game to do at home by John Doe Escape Game

Spend an exceptional moment with your loved ones!

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An Escape Game for every occasion

With John Doe, the Escape Game comes directly to your home. Whether it’s for an aperitif between adults, a birthday party for the kids, a family meal or a game night with friends, don’t miss the chance to surprise your loved ones with an original activity: an Escape Game to do at home. Whether indoors or outdoors, it’s a guarantee of an exceptional moment spent with your friends and family.

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A play kit with all the necessary equipment

3 game modes are available. With the download option, you receive the print and play version of the Escape Game home kit by e-mail. All you have to do is print it out and follow the instructions to start the game. With the delivery option, you receive a kit containing the puzzles and game material. directly to your home. Finally, the third game mode, the visio option, lets you play with a John Doe liaison agent.

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Play with an agent, with the visio option

With the visio option, a liaison officer comes online to animate your mission and provide you with an unforgettable experience. It’s an ideal choice for a birthday party, as it guides children through the game from a computer, giving clues to the puzzles to be solved. With this option, be sure to tell the Game Master which difficulty you want to set (simple, easy, difficult). Above all, it’s a game for all ages!

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Adapt the difficulty to your needs

The advantage of this activity format is that its difficulty is adaptable, since you define the framework yourself. Acting as game master, you can choose to make the treasure hunt phase more or less complex. The same applies to the puzzle-solving phase, where it’s up to you to give players more or less help. In video mode, it’s up to you to tell your Game Master the difficulty you want to find (easy, difficult).

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Investigate from the comfort of your home

2 scenarios with a common theme and universe: Secret Agents. In Braquage, you’re an investigator on the hunt for escaped bank robbers. In Piratage, you seek to put an end to the biggest hack in history. Robbery is a mission with higher difficulty than Piracy, ideal for a children’s activity (birthday party, tea party, etc.) The activity is a 60-minute adventure, but you’re in control of the timer, since the mission kits don’t self-destruct once the time’s up!


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A corporate offer for Team Building

The Robbery scenario is available in video format for companies wishing to offer their employees a Team Building activity. This is a version designed to fit perfectly into a professional setting. The game is always played in teams, but can be played from any location. In fact, we’ve done away with the caching phase, for a totally digital distribution of game elements. Your employees can play from home or from the office!

Why choose the John Doe home Escape Game?

The Home Escape Game is a great way to get started with a traditional Escape Game. You’re at home, so you’re in control of your game environment and its difficulty! It’s also a great way to get to grips with the game master’s job (if you don’t choose the visio option), which makes the adventure even more fun! We also recommend it for children, especially for young players’ birthdays. For adults, it’s a new way of getting together to play a game that’s halfway between a board game and an Escape Game. John Doe, as the importer of the concept in France, offers quality and innovative scenarios with one promise: you spend an exceptional moment with your loved ones, whatever their age!

How to play?

Once you’ve received the kit, whatever form it takes, follow the instructions it contains. Hide the clues all over the house and mark out the playing area (the chosen rooms).

Be original: you can hide them inside or outside your home! Make this your game! If you haven’t opted for visio, you’re now Game Master! Don’t worry, a guide is provided to help you with your task.

The team of players then embarks on their mission, starting with a treasure hunt. Piece by piece, each player must then find the clues linked to the mission. Then all you have to do is follow the instructions given by the guide and the game master.


Give the gift of adventure
to your loved ones

Turn your loved ones into Secret Agents and send them on missions
all over the world. Bonus: you can even leave with them!

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