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Blue Castle Prison

À partir de 15 € per person.
60 minutes toescape
image 60 min60 min
image 2-6 players2-6 players
image IntermediateIntermediate

Welcome to one of France’s most frightening Escape Games.

A few weeks ago, our agent Jeff Donovan went on a mission to Blue Castle prison. He never returned from this place known for its experiments on inmates and its completely insane guard. Your mission is to infiltrate the prison and track down Donovan. Be careful not to fall into the hands of the lurking guard, or your fate will be sealed forever within the walls of the terrible penitentiary.

Mission: Find Jeff Donovan
Theme: Prison

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Escape Game number 1

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Escape Game - Blue Castle Prison

A prison-themed Escape Game

In this Escape Game that takes you to prison. You’re no longer just a gamer, but a secret agent for John Doe, the world’s largest spy network. Headquarters needs you to carry out a mission of the utmost importance. Officer Jeff Donovan disappeared from Blue Castle prison while conducting an investigation. You’ll have to infiltrate the premises, follow Donovan’s trail and make your escape in less than 60 minutes. Are you up to the challenge?

A fun adventure with friends

You’re living this adventure as a prison inmate. All players are locked in dingy cells. You have to do everything you can to escape and find the other members of your team. To complete the mission in 60 minutes, search the rooms for as many clues as possible and solve all the riddles in this mysterious prison. Use your brainpower, observation and teamwork to get out of your cell. Even the best agent can’t do it alone. Communication and team cohesion are key to getting out of prison alive. Either the whole team escapes, or you’re on your way to ruin. You’ll need to work as a group. Can you do it?

Escape without getting caught!

Blue Castle is best known for its inmate-traumatizing guard. He visits his prison regularly, and would be very angry to see you outside your cells. He just wants to get you back into it… When you hear it, hide. If you get caught, you’ll have no chance of getting out of prison. At least, not alive. Trust us, the prison guard won’t do you any favors…

An accessible experience

Don’t worry, a John Doe agent will be in touch with you during your adventure. It’s there to help you complete your Escape Game mission, and make it more accessible if you’re having trouble solving the puzzles. But if you don’t manage to escape from prison in time, our agent won’t be able to help you…

Prison is not recommended for the most sensitive players.

An Escape Game in a scary prison

This Escape Game plunges players into the heart of anxiety and promises teams a memorable experience. Sensitive souls, please refrain. You’ll need a lot of courage to face death row and its terrifying cells. No one leaves the prison hall unscathed. At least, when players succeed in their escape. The room’s bloody, realistic backdrops make for a unique and unforgettable experience, whether with friends, colleagues or family.

Can you keep your cool and escape in time?

Further information

Jobs available in Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon and Strasbourg.

Escape Game for ages 12 and up – not recommended for sensitive persons.

Blue Castle Prison is available for corporate team building. For further information, please contact 07 87 25 75 84.