John Doe / Escape Game Strasbourg


Blue Castle Prison

À partir de 16.50 € per person.
Blue Castle prison poster showing two secret agents in the prison corridor and the guard's shadow brandishing a knife.
60 minutes to escape
image 60 min60 min
image 2-6 players2-6 players
image IntermediateIntermediate

Come and play in this Escape Game in Strasbourg! For several weeks now, suspicious activity has been detected in Blue Castle Prison, an abandoned penitentiary in the heart of the Czech Republic. It seems that a horrible experiment is being conducted there by one of the members of the terrible Eclipse agency, a Machiavellian organization working for evil. You were sent to investigate, but are now a prisoner. Together, you have 60 minutes to escape from the chasing guard.

Mission: Find Jeff Donovan – escape.
Theme: Prison.

Mission not recommended for under 12s

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Escape Game number 1

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Blue Castle Prison in Strasbourg

Prison-themed Escape Game in Strasbourg

Set off on the most epic Escape Game mission in Alsace. Set in the heart of Strasbourg, become real secret agents on a harrowing mission that will leave no member of your team unscathed. It’s up to you to break out of Blue Castle Prison and escape from the guard who’s on your tail.

The Blue Castle Prison scenario

We have no news of Agent Jeff Donovan, who has left to investigate the Blue Castle prison. Headquarters John Doe has decided to send you to find him and find out what’s going on in the prison. Unfortunately, as soon as you arrived, you and your team of secret agents were taken prisoner. Your mission: you have 60 minutes to escape, find Donovan and avoid the terrible guard who’s after you.

John Doe Escape Game Strasbourg tests your team spirit

In this Escape Game, you’ll need logic and, above all, team spirit if you hope to escape. Together, solve the riddles you encounter along the way, room by room. Be quick, you’ve only got 60 minutes before the guard falls on you for good. In this adventure, you take on the role of a James Bond and become a real Secret Agent.

You’re not alone, as your game master spices up your activity by acting as a liaison.

A famous Escape Game mission in France

John Doe’s Blue Castle Prison is one of France’s most famous Escape Game missions. Unique in its genre, it skilfully combines a surprising puzzle mechanic with an intriguing storyline, all in an immersive setting. Thoughtfully designed to push players to their limits, the guard’s passage adds a touch of terror to the mission that works every time!

This Escape Game mission is ideal for intermediate players. It is not recommended for players under the age of 12.

Our other John Doe Escape Game missions in Strasbourg

The John Doe Escape Game center in Strasbourg offers 3 other missions with rooms of varying difficulty. For beginners to intermediates, HQ takes you out of France and into the middle of Texas, to the Black Rock Mine, where you’ll have to investigate before the whole thing blows up.

Intermediate-level players can take on the Temple of Infinity. In this mission, John Doe takes you on an adventure with a single mission: to save the world.

If you have an intermediate/advanced level, HQ will send you to Vegas to investigate the Magnifico Casino, where you’ll find out about a curious trafficking operation that has gamblers hooked. Ready to try your hand at the John Doe Escape Game in the heart of Strasbourg? Become a Secret Agent and discover your talents!