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Your original Team Building in Strasbourg

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The Escape Game, the ideal Team Building activity!

Looking for ideas for your Team Building event in Strasbourg? Opt for the Escape Game, an activity that stimulates your employees’ skills and strengthens your group cohesion. In this 60-minute animation, participants have to demonstrate team spirit while monopolizing physical (observation, touch, hearing, etc.) and cognitive (logic, communication) qualities to succeed.

John Doe, number 1 for corporate events in France

Whether it’s in our Strasbourg office for a team-building event, or on your company’s premises for a seminar close to your employees, John Doe will take charge of organizing your event. As an event specialist, we offer a wide range of services dedicated to professionals, enabling us to tailor-make your day or evening.

Your Team Building in our Strasbourg office

Immerse yourself in our Strasbourg agency

To strengthen bonds between employees, you can opt for one of our 4 Escape Game activities to be carried out in the branch. As a team, you set off into one of our immersive worlds for a 60-minute adventure. Our Strasbourg agency offers a full range of services to make your corporate event even more memorable (privatization of the agency, meeting room, catering service). An unforgettable Team Building experience in the heart of Strasbourg. Capacity: 40 people including 24 players.

  • Agency near the station
  • Up to 24 players simultaneously
  • 4 rooms
  • Privatization, catering and other services

Your Team Building in your premises in the Alsace region

The Escape Game in your company

For an original corporate event, you can opt for an unusual activity: an Escape Game right in the heart of your premises, as close as possible to your employees. One of our teams transforms the location of your choice into an Escape Room, and real game masters come to lead your game. This solution is also ideal for creating a sensation at a trade show or seminar.

  • Service area: Strasbourg, Alsace
  • 30 players and more
  • Approx. 1h30 of activity
  • From €35 excl. tax/person.
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Outdoor Escape Game
Unusual visit to Strasbourg 
From 29.90 per device

Take to the streets of Strasbourg on a secret mission to stop our enemy! Solve all the riddles and discover the town's secret and unusual heritage.

Discover Unusual Visit Demander un devis
Custom Escape Game
The Escape Game
made to measure

For a trade show, an event or a seminar, we'll create a customized game to suit your image, taking all your constraints into account.

Discover Demander un devis
CSE offer
Our CSE special offers

Discover all our offers for works councils You benefit from preferential rates up to -35% off. We adapt to your requirements to offer you a ticketing service that's just right for you.

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Your Team Building with John Doe

They were agents at John Doe

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Give the gift of adventure
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Turn your loved ones into Secret Agents and send them on missions
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Team Building in Strasbourg and Alsace

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Why choose
Escape Game

The Escape Game is the number 1 activity for Team Building. The game mechanics force participants to work together to succeed. Between listening, communication and team spirit, this fun activity brings out the best in your employees, who do everything in their power to ensure the group’s success.

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Your Team Building
made to measure

John Doe is one of the major players in corporate events in France. Our dedicated professional teams will take care of organizing your project from A to Z. On our premises, on your premises, at the venue of your choice – if you wish, we’ll design a 100% original event, tailor-made for you. Tell us about your ideas – our job is to bring them to life!

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Immersed in the heart of Strasbourg

Take part in one of our 4 activities at our Strasbourg branch. Test the cohesion of your teams in a 60-minute activity. A fun way to get to know your colleagues outside the workplace. 24 people can play simultaneously, and our agency can accommodate up to 40 people.

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Our services
for your company

Our John Doe BtoB department is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions. For more conviviality, we offer several services for a quality Team Building. If you wish, you can privatize our agency or your meeting room to share your experiences with your colleagues. We also offer a catering service.

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Tailor-made events
and seminars

For a seminar, trade fair or team-building event, we offer Escape Game activities at the venue of your choice. John Doe transforms your corporate event into an Escape Room, lasting around 2 hours. Your team of collaborators, aided by real masters of the game, lead an investigation where group spirit is the key to success.

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Team Building

Are your employees teleworking or physically separated by several kilometers? No problem, John Doe offers you a Team Building activity that can be played remotely, via videoconferencing. Working in teams, participants take part in a game in which communication is central.

Organize your Team Building in Strasbourg

Experience an original Team Building in Strasbourg

With 7 years’ experience in corporate events in France, John Doe offers its business customers a wide range of services to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re planning a team-building event in our Strasbourg office, or a trade fair or seminar on your company’s premises, we’ve got a dedicated team to take care of your project from A to Z.

Your Team Building in our Strasbourg office

You’re off to one of our 4 Escape Game activities: the Mine, the Prison, Las Vegas or a Tibetan Temple for a 60-minute animation. Locked in a room with immersive scenery, you have to do everything you can to get out. John Doe Strasbourg offers a wide range of services to make your event even more convivial (agency privatization, meeting room rental, catering, etc.).

Your seminar or event

For an original trade show, seminar or team-building activity in Alsace, John Doe transforms your premises into a real Escape Game. An unusual activity par excellence, you’re sure to make a splash with a game designed to adapt to your environment. Are you thinking big? Give us your ideas and we’ll create a customized game to suit your image. We’re not afraid of a challenge!

By day or by night, we can meet all your expectations and make your Team Building in Strasbourg or the Alsace region a success.

Team Building in the streets of Strasbourg

John Doe offers a team-building activity for outdoor enthusiasts. With Visite Insolite, you and your team take part in an outdoor Escape Game in the streets of Strasbourg. With your colleagues, solve the riddles of your mission, complete the challenges and discover more about the city. It’s an original corporate activity that can be played autonomously on cell phones for groups of 4 or more.

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