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Black Rock Mine

À partir de 16.50 € per person.
60 minutes to defuse the bomb
image 60 min60 min
image 2-6 players2-6 players
image EasyEasy

As a team, search for a missing agent in the underground galleries of the Black Rock Mine. Tick tock, the minutes tick by and a bomb is about to explode! It’s up to you to solve all the riddles to deactivate it.

Mission : find Agent Daboville
Escape Game theme : the Mine

Escape Game - Video Mine
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Escape Game number 1

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Black Rock Mine in Nantes

Escape Game in Nantes – Black Rock Mine

Embark on one ofLoire Atlantique’s most popular Escape Game missions.

You’re leaving the country and the city of Nantes, heading for Texas to a place once known for its diamonds and gold: the Black Rock mine. Information from Agent Daboville tells us that the Eclipse Agency has taken over the premises to carry out obscure activities. Unfortunately, no one has heard from this undercover agent since. Your mission: to investigate and find him.

Play your Escape Game in teams of 2 to 6 players

With your team of 2 to 6 John Doe agents, you are sent into this old mine to find out what’s behind it. what happens there. Be careful, this one has been trapped. You’ve got 60 minutes to investigate and deactivate the bomb that threatens to bring the whole place down. Clue after clue, riddle after riddle, use your logic to gather as much information as you can. It’s up to you to finish on time, before everything explodes and the mine becomes your prison.

Immersed in a Texas mine.

Off to Nantes for your escape game in the dark galleries of John Doe’s Black Rock Mine. This scenario offers players a truly immersive experience in a Hollywood setting. With your team, you become real secret agents and live an adventure.

An Escape Game accessible to novice players

This John Doe-designed room offers an Escape Game accessible from the age of 10, ideal for families or players looking for an introduction to Escape Games with friends.

The little extra: John Doe offers two rooms that can be played simultaneously by several teams of players (up to 12 people, or 6 people/room). For a company, this is the perfect offer for Team Building activities. For individuals, it’s an ideal activity for an EVJF or a birthday party with friends. Find all our offers for companies in the Company section.

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A question about our rooms? We look forward to hearing from you. If you’ve already done this or other rooms, we’d love to hear from you.