Organize an unforgettable EVG in Nantes


Organize your EVG in Nantes

Turn the groom
into a secret agent
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Looking for ideas for an original EVG in Nantes? For an action-packed bachelor party, make your dream come true and play the role of a real James Bond. John Doe Escape Game takes you and your friends on a mission to the four corners of the world.
As a bonus, it’s free for the groom.

EVG offer with the code POURLAVIE*.

*The party is free for the groom.
Offer valid for a room of 4 pers minimum – code to be used when booking.




Spy icon
Your unusual EVG in Nantes

What could be more unusual than becoming a secret agent just before your wedding? Make your friend’s stag party a special occasion with a great gift: a day in the life of a spy. A truly immersive experience, you’ll be taken on one of our 3 Escape Game missions in a different kind of simulator.

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Customize your Escape Game

John Doe offers a customization service to make your EVG even more unforgettable. Want to surprise the groom-to-be? We can hide the personalized object of your choice in the playroom! Come a few minutes early with the object of your choice. Give it to our agents, who will slide it into the room.

Team icon
An EVG in Nantes for small budgets

John Doe Escape Game thinks of you for this bachelor party day and saves your budget since the HQ gives away its place to the groom-to-be. This EVG offer is valid for a team of more than 4 people. (EVG Code: POURLAVIE) The code must be used when booking.

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3 secret missions, for 3 experiments

Take your team on a 60-minute top-secret mission, and discover the daily life of James Bond. Meet up with our agent in Blue Castle’s harrowing prison, put an end to trafficking in the Magnifico, or defuse a bomb in the Black Rock mine. Among these missions, you’ll find the unforgettable adventure that will entertain you and leave an exceptional memory for the groom-to-be.

Collaboration icon
Your Game Master
is there for you

Don’t think for a second that you’re on your own, because your Game Master is there to help you on your adventure. During your game, you can count on him to spice up your activity. A true jack-of-all-trades, but far from saintly, he’ll liven up your game like no one else, making for an unforgettable experience.

Enigma icon
Go for a walk
in the city of Nantes

After your indoor activity, let yourself be tempted by a mission in the streets of Nantes. With our Outdoor Escape Game, you and your team embark on an adventure that takes the form of a stroll through the city. Throughout the game, it’s up to you to solve the riddles and challenges along the way. Here, your game master follows you virtually to help you discover Nantes in an original way.


Organize your EVG in Nantes

3 missions for 3 indoor activities.

For your EVG in our Nantes branch, John Doe Escape Game offers 3 activities. Are you a party animal? You leave the city and head for downtown Las Vegas to investigate the Magnifico, a sumptuous casino, in a most bizarre case of trafficking. You can also fly to Texas to find out what happens in the Black Rock Mine before it explodes. Looking for a thrilling activity? For a more chilling experience, head for the cells of Blue Castle Prison. Working as a team, you’ll try to escape from a horrible penitentiary before the guard gets you! Beware, he only wants to get his hands on the groom-to-be. You should see what he did with the last EVJF that came through. You’re likely to find a few more pieces.

Good to know: all our activities are available in 2 or 3 rooms. This makes it ideal for groups of more than six people.

Our agents are there for you

You can ask him anything! (except for a massage, repatriating you by microlight, chartering you a flight or finding you a lightsaber).

The John doe EVG offer in Nantes

The game is free for the groom with the code POURLAVIE

*Offer valid for a room of 4 pers minimum – code to be used when booking.

Please note that the discount must be applied at the time of booking. No group will be able to claim the discount after booking.

Cannot be combined with any other current promotion.

John Doe thinks EVJF

Our EVG offer is also available for EVJFs.

Keep the party going with our partners

For other ideas for a successful EVG, please consult our list of partners.



Think of the John Doe gift card

Give the gift of adventure
to your loved ones

Turn your loved ones into Secret Agents and send them on missions
all over the world. Bonus: you can even leave with them!

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Escape Game number 1

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Our other offers for all occasions

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Unusual visit of Nantes 
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Go on a mission in the city of Nantes and discover the outdoor Escape Game. Solve the riddles and challenges along the way, and learn more about the city's secret and unusual heritage.

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