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Bordeaux Unusual Tour  

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Your investigation in the streets of Bordeaux
image Play when you wantPlay when you want
image Approx. 2 hoursApprox. 2 hours
image EasyEasy

Try an outdoor Escape Game in Bordeaux and discover the city in a different way with our new Visite Insolite.

One of our John Doe agents, has discovered that the Eclipse agency is up to no good in Bordeaux. Your mission, of the utmost importance, is to stop it. Working as a team, smartphone in hand, investigate Bordeaux! Set off on a beautiful walk, complete challenges, solve riddles and discover the town’s secret and unusual heritage.

Start and finish point: Porte de la Monnaie – John Doe Escape Game in Bordeaux
Scope: Place de la Bourse, Place des Quinconces, Place de la Victoire.
Duration: approx. 2 hours. No time pressure – play at your own pace


Take to the streets on a mission

How does it work?

Step 1

Download the free GRAALY application onto your smartphone. (Available on all stores)

Step 2

From the application, flash the QR code received by email. The game launches automatically.

Step 3

Let yourself be carried away by the game, following the directions of your liaison officer.

Escape Game number 1

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Unusual visit to Bordeaux

The outdoor escape game in Bordeaux that lets you discover the city in a different way

Welcome to Bordeaux, agent. The Eclipse agency is up to no good. Your mission: stop it, while you and your group of players discover the history of Bordeaux’s most emblematic landmarks. An outdoor activity by John Doe.

A fun outdoor activity

On the program for our new mission Visite Insolite: take up a number of challenges in this outdoor Escape Game, solve riddles and let our virtual agent John Doe guide you through the streets of the city. Take a team walk around this beautiful Gironde city and discover Bordeaux’s unusual points of interest. And most importantly: stop our sworn enemy, the Eclipse Agency!

Visite Insolite takes the codes of the classic Escape Game and combines them with a treasure hunt and a treasure trail. The perfect mix for a fun and entertaining activity.

Simply play

To play, place your order and you’ll receive a QR code by e-mail, which you can flash in the Graaly application – downloadable free of charge. Now you’re ready to share your experience with family and friends!

A virtual Game Master

On this mission to discover the city, your smartphone is your compass. He’s there to guide you around Bordeaux, to give you information and clues, and to show you the riddles and clues you’ll need to succeed in your adventure. In short, he acts as Game Master for your unusual Escape Game.

A game to boost team spirit

For this outdoor Escape Game, you can compose your team as you wish. However, a team of 4 players for 1 device is the best option to get the most out of this experience. Play this outdoor Escape Game with friends, colleagues or family. The game is accessible to all.

An adventure without a stopwatch

This new outdoor Escape Game mission plunges you into adventure for around 2 hours, as a team, in the streets of the city of Bordeaux. Unlike a classic Escape Game, there’s no time limit to complete this mission in the city. Play with your team whenever you want: Visite Insolite can be played 24/7.