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Murder Party
Operation Full Moon

À partir de 30 € per person.
An impossible investigation, guilty parties: Welcome to our Murder Party
image 120 min120 min
image 7-15 players7-15 players
image Hidden identity gameHidden identity game

Spy network director John Doe has assembled his team at headquarters. As a secret agent, you answered the call, but when you arrived, the atmosphere was dark: he’d been murdered. Now it’s up to you to lead a complex investigation to solve this captivating mystery.

However, a word of warning: the murderer lurks among you, lurking in the shadows. Will you be able to unmask the killer before he strikes again, unless you’re the culprit?

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Privatization possible on the date of your choice for groups of 10 or more. Call the agency on 02 53 35 48 85.

Murder Party – how does it work?

You are an integral part of a team of 7 to 15 investigators, who may be friends, family or even strangers. An actor accompanies you, guiding your progress throughout the investigation. From the start of the game, you’re assigned roles and secrets.

However, it is imperative that you keep your true identity secret, unless you choose to share information with other investigators. The crucial question is whether trusting you is a wise decision.

Murder Party is based on the subtle art of bluffing and role-playing. It’s up to you to skillfully maneuver the other players to reveal the truth or, conversely, to keep it carefully buried. Immerse yourself in a thrilling experience full of suspense, untold secrets and exciting twists and turns, putting your secret agent skills to the test.





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Escape Game number 1

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The first Murder Party in Nantes by John Doe

Discover a captivating adventure in Nantes with our Murder Party


A crime, suspects, innocents – welcome to the world of the John Doe Agency. You receive a message from the director, summoning you immediately to his headquarters in Nantes. As a secret agent, you answer the call, but tragedy strikes while you’re waiting: the director is murdered. You find yourself in the shoes of Sherlock Holmes, tasked with solving the mystery in two hours.

During this Murder Party, investigate as a team, collect clues and piece together the puzzle. Stay alert, because the culprit is hiding among the participants. Will you be able to apprehend him before he strikes again, unless the criminal is you?

A unique experience in Nantes

This immersive experience in Nantes is perfect for sharing moments with family, friends or colleagues during a seminar or team-building activity. If you’re passionate about puzzles in the style of Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot, the Murder Party at John Doe Escape Game Nantes is the activity for you.

How does it work?

Each participant is assigned a role and a secret at the start of the game. You can share your confidence with other participants, but be careful, as tricks and role-playing are involved. Skillfully manipulate others to reveal the truth or keep it buried.

The two-hour immersive investigation begins with agency director John Doe brutally murdered. As an agent, your mission is to investigate the crime scene and get to the bottom of it, bearing in mind that not everyone involved is innocent.

Join a team of 7 to 15 participants, be they friends, family, colleagues or collaborators, for team building. An agent from John Doe Nantes will accompany you to lead the adventure and help you with your investigation.

Continue the adventure with an Escape Game

Other exciting missions await you at John Doe Escape Game in Nantes and beyond. Explore Las Vegas, the Czech Republic or Texas in thrilling adventures. Build your team, develop your strategy, and defeat the Eclipse agency. This immersive experience is perfect for sharing with family, friends or colleagues, or during a seminar or team building event.

Practical information:

Online booking for 1 to 15 people.
Price: €30 per person.
Playing time: 2 hours.

Practical information:

Online booking From 1 to 15 people.

Price 30€/ pers.

Playing time : 2h.

Location John Doe Escape Game Nantes, 13 rue des Olivettes – Nantes.