John Doe / Escape Game Nantes

Blue Castle Dark Edition

October 22 to 31


image 60 min60 min
image 4-6 players4-6 players
image IntermediateIntermediate

Exclusive mission from October 22 to 31

New puzzles, a new scenario and a horrific atmosphere: discover a special Halloween mission.

It’s back, to the delight of all anxiety fans! Decades after your mission in Blue Castle Prison, you return to the now-abandoned penitentiary to investigate suspicious activity. Between inhuman experiences and atrocious torture, you’ll discover absolute horror. But that’s not all: something seems to be spreading within the walls of what could well be your final resting place. Run away while you still can, even if it means sacrificing those who slow you down.

Mission : Stop the Z virus from escaping
Escape Game theme : The prison of anguish
Price: €30/person.

Mission not recommended for under-16s.


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